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December 23, 2009 Kiona Jade

img 1234bw2 Kiona Jade
I recently visited my hometown outside of Chicago, where I photographed a friend of mine from high school named Kiona. Her modeling experience includes: an online catalog for outdoor apparel store Active Endeavors, a show in Chicago for a vintage store called Classy Closet, and most recently for the Art & Science hair show in October 2009. After recently graduating from the University of Illionis, she has plans to work on an organic farm in Brazil in early 2010.  Although Kiona enjoys expressing her artistic and musical side, her long term aspirations lie in the community development field working for sustainable neighborhoods and social justice.

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December 19, 2009 For the Love of Dog(s)

lindsey bw w logo For the Love of Dog(s)

With all the stresses that accompany a big city, I can understand why it’s often considered abnormal if you don’t own a dog while living in LA. They’re always happy to see you, they usually want to play with you, and they’re filled with unconditional love for you. Let’s face it, owning a dog is sometimes more appealing than having a lover.  And even if your little friend’s not yet quite potty trained, those soft beady eyes combined with that innocent head tilt is always enough to distill your frustration. All of these components make it especially fun for me to photograph people with their furry friends. The love they have for their dogs always brings out their softer, more compassionate side. In fact, most people seem to forget entirely that they are in front of the camera.

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woman at balboa park For the Love of Dog(s)

mg 7763 For the Love of Dog(s)

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mg 6772 The Lovely Ms. Erin MuirMonths ago I shot a dear friend of mine, Erin Muir, at El Matador Beach in Malibu, California. Whether it be her drop-dead beauty, her charming essence, or the fact that Erin and I are able to connect on so many levels, this shoot was exceptionally magical. Early one Tuesday morning, the two of us ventured to the shore to catch the best possible lighting. I love Erin’s unique look, as her dark brown hair makes her light blue eyes pop both on and off camera. Erin is a successful actor, singer/songwriter, and massage therapist (trust me–she’s worth it!) Her most recent accomplishment is the debut of her album, titled Poet’s Lovely Daughter, released on September 29, 2009, which you can now purchase on iTunes as well as CD Baby ( Erin has the voice of a powerfully poised angel. A couple of my favorite attributes about Ms. Muir is her intuitive nature and the passion she wears on her sleeve. Individualistic in style and in character, Erin has a heart of gold. Thank you, Erin, for being such a joy to work with! (For more info about Erin see

mg 6629 The Lovely Ms. Erin Muir

mg 6763 edit The Lovely Ms. Erin Muir

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