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January 16, 2010 Malina Patrick Lee

img 6560 edit1 Malina Patrick Lee

Only fifteen years old, Malina Patrick Lee has passion and dedication written all over her. For horses, that is. She rode her first horse when she was eighteen months old and has been riding ever since. Malina asked me if I would photograph her at a horse stable in Simi Valley, where she introduced me to her beloved black horse Hurley. She enjoys all kinds of riding, from jumping to cattle-horse to wire. She finds freedom in riding as she uses it as a form of personal therapy. Malina also has experience behind the camera modeling for Wella and Sebastian and Coffin Case. I was impressed by how poised and natural she was during the shoot. Malina’s future plans and aspirations for horseback riding are undefined. She prefers to take life as it comes, living in the moment.

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