July 26, 2010 Bronic Bednarek

mg 0294 Bronic Bednarek

Johannesburg native, Bronic Bednarek ventured to Los Angeles three years ago to pursue his passion for music.  He fell in love with singing at a young age and has been a musician for over twenty years. His professional music career has continued to develop over the past nine years.

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Q: What do you love most about performing?

A: I love the connection, expression, vulnerability, honesty and service of performing live.

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Q: What are your aspirations as a musician?

A: To serve, express, enlighten, make a successful living and play full out!

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Q: Which musicians do you personally admire most and why?

A: I LOVE Coldplay, John Mayer, William Fitzsimmons and Mozart because they changed my life. I love so much music!

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In three words, Bronic describes his music as: “Emotional, inspired, visceral.”

Thank you, Bronic, for sharing your South African heart with us all!

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Bronic also has a really cute dog named Valkerie.

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  1. Tess says:

    Hi Frances,

    We haven’t met, but I am a friend of Bronic from Jhb.
    I just wanted to say I love these pics and the interview.
    The tone of your pics have an almost haunting quality about them (in a good way)
    I particularly like the one with the shadows on the wall, and of Valkyrie of course!

    I also enjoyed the interview, short but insightful.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Judy says:

    Frances, these photos rock. You are becoming an accomplished photographer. Congratulations! Mom

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