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In early September, Sarah will be getting married to Adam in the south of France. To celebrate her last moments as a bachelorette, she hosted an eloquent brunch at her home in Los Angeles with all the ladies. What a treat!

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mg 6694 Stacy Colleen: A Gal with a Heart of Gold

Stacy Colleen, also known as Sc, is one of the most genuinely happy people I know. We couldn’t have had more fun during our photo session, as our focus was taming ourselves from uncontrollable laughing outbursts. She was super excited about having an interview, so here it is, along with some big smiles from the day……

mg 6517 Stacy Colleen: A Gal with a Heart of Gold

Q: Where are you from, how long have you lived here and what do you do for a living?
A: I am a native of Los Angeles, having attended school and lived here until college, when I moved to the East Coast to attend Mount Holyoke College and study Psychology.  I moved back to L.A. to attend U.S.C.’s School of Social Work where I earned my M.S.W. and continued working in the social service field here, focusing on substance abuse and the family, trauma, and the GLBT population.  I am a Licensed Psychotherapist in the Los Feliz area and teach at Phillips Graduate Insitute in Encino as an Adjunct Professor.
mg 6555 Stacy Colleen: A Gal with a Heart of Gold
Q: What do you love most about your job?
A: I love to hear the stories of my clients, through verbal storytelling and through the stories of their bodies and nervous systems. I work with trauma through Somatic Experiencing and yoga movement.  I love being able to be authentic with my clients and be able to help them laugh and cry.  So many people just need a witness to their pain and then they are able to begin the healing process.  I also rely on the support of 12 step programs when addiction is involved.
mg 6616 Stacy Colleen: A Gal with a Heart of Gold
Q: What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not working?
A: Hmm.  I love having time with my family.  My children are amazing and so active!  There is little time for other things, although I enjoy Anusara yoga–an integrated yoga that includes the mind, body and spirit–seeing friends, and have recently taken up running.
mg 6459 Stacy Colleen: A Gal with a Heart of Gold
Q: If you could change one thing about today’s world (in America) what would it be?
A: Just one?  I guess my focus would be on helping to build compassion for others.  Opening the heart to the humanity of others, increasing tolerance of differences, making the world safe for children.  That begins at an individual level, I’ve experienced, and the more I open my heart, the more room there seems to be to pass it on.
mg 6633 Stacy Colleen: A Gal with a Heart of Gold
Q: Where is your favorite place to hang out in LA?
A: I have no idea how to narrow it down! I love the hiking in Griffith Park, the yoga studios all around L.A., the parks with slides, sand and swings, the unique sushi restaurants, the artists in Silverlake, the streets downtown, the boutiques in Los Feliz, the festivals and art and street fairs, the coffee houses, and especially the restaurants and bakery next to my office in Atwater 6644 Stacy Colleen: A Gal with a Heart of Gold
Q: Any goals/aspirations at the moment?
A: I’m about to complete my 3 year training as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in trauma treatment and am taking an Anusara Yoga Immersion course in order to integrate yoga into my clients’ healing work.  I hope to be able to continue gaining experience and training as a psychotherapist and as a mother!
mg 6612 Stacy Colleen: A Gal with a Heart of Gold
Q: “Fun fact” not many people know about you?
A: I’m not afraid to be the first person on the dance floor! Also, it was surprisingly fun to take headshots for my website and pretend to be famous!mg 6322 Stacy Colleen: A Gal with a Heart of Gold
Q: Anything else you’d like to add…?
A: I would recommend Franny for headshots not only due to her artistic eye and easygoing personality, but because she made someone who usually makes silly faces at the camera be able to sit back, relax, and give a professional smile.
mg 6649 Stacy Colleen: A Gal with a Heart of Gold
Sc, you’re incredible. I hope you never change. Namaste!