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Corporate Headshots


Sessions are on-location and include travel within 30 miles of the Greater Los Angeles Area. Locations further than 30 miles will incur a small travel fee. Each session takes anywhere from 10-30 minutes depending on the person, number of wardrobe changes, and how long they’d like to keep shooting. I will come to your office space and either bring a solid backdrop color of your choosing (typically white, light gray, dark gray, or black) or scout for the best environmental backgrounds inside and/or outside of your building. The solid backdrop color can be changed in post-production if you have a unique color you’d like to use. Keep in mind that sometimes a Certificates of Insurance or photo permit is required in order shoot inside your lobby or directly outside your building. While I do have a COI, I do not purchase permits. If we shoot inside your office or somewhere upstairs, we should be fine. Please contact your building security ahead of time if you’d like to shoot inside the lobby area or outside the building on the premises.

What’s Included:

You will receive an online proofing gallery where members can select their favorite photo to be retouched. Each member will receive one retouched high-resolution digital image. Low-res. copies are also available upon request. Special and extensive cropping may incur a small fee. Retouching includes blemish removal, wrinkle reduction, under-eye brightening or puffiness reduction, teeth and eye whitening, flyaway hair removal and very minor skin smoothing.  Your finished headshot will look polished, sharp, and realistic–not overly retouched. Additional retouched images can be purchased for $30 each. Weight-reduction, background changes, and face swapping (for group photos) will incur an additional fee, as this is more advanced retouching. You will notice that the more people photographed, the lower the rate is per person. Lastly, over the years I have discovered that 99.9% of people are uncomfortable in front of the camera. Therefore, I provide extensive coaching on posing during each session in order to ensure the best possible outcome. My goal is to make my subjects look and feel their best by keeping them relaxed and comfortable throughout the session. Professional and approachable. I also show each person his or her images on the back of my camera to ensure her or she is pleased with the results before concluding the session, and I will keep shooting until each person is satisfied with what they see.


1 person = $350 total

2 people = $250/person – $500 total

3 people = $225/person – $675 total

4 people = $175/person – $700 total

5 people = $150/person – $750 total

6 people = $135/person – $810 total

7 people = $125/person – $875 total

8 people = $115/person – $920 total

9 people = $105/person – $945 total

10 people = $100/person – $1000 total

11 or more people = $99/person

Group portraits – $99 as an add-on to a headshot session

1 group portrait and nothing else – $395 total (includes 2 retouched images)

Posed candids of members working in office – $99 as an add-on to a session

Posed candids of members working in office and nothing else – $395 total (includes 3 retouched images)

Photos of interior and exterior of office space and building – $99 as an add-on to a session (includes 5 retouched images photos of your choosing)

Photos of interior and exterior of office space and building and nothing else – $395 (includes 5 retouched images of your choosing)

Personal Message:

Thank you for your inquiry. I look forward to being part of your team and improving the quality of your website!

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