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• Familes & Maternity


Up to 2-Hour Session Fee on Location (session fee only, does not include any images): $350


All the best color-corrected and enhanced optimized for internet & social media*: $150


Digital download of individual high-resolution** color-corrected and enhanced image files: $25 each


Digital download of all the best color-corrected and enhanced high-resolution** image files: $650


Retouched*** internet & social media optimized images: $20 each


Retouched*** high-resolution images: $30 each


Prints available for purchase. Please inquire for more pricing information.

***Important Information - Please read*** 

*Optimized for internet & social media digital files cannot be printed; the resolution size is too low. They are optimized for internet and social media use only.

**High-resolution digital files can be printed. They can also be used for internet and social media.

***Retouching includes more technical editing, such as object removal, flyaway hair and heavy lint removal, under eye touchups, wrinkle reduction, facial blemish removal, eye and teeth whitening. Although not required, retouching is encouraged for images that will be printed.

Number of digital images delivered is typically anywhere between 50-300 images. Session fee includes travel time within a 30-mile radius of the Greater Los Angeles area. Additional travel fee will be applied for further locations.

Photographer always retains copyright of images, however you are free to do whatever you want with them as long as you are not selling them. If you wish to purchase the copyright of all the images, additional fee is required. Lastly, when posting images on social media, a photo credit (Frances Iacuzzi Photography) is always greatly appreciated! icon smile • Familes & Maternity

$100 deposit is required for booking. Remaining balance due on day of session in the form of check, cash, or Venmo. No images will be delivered without receipt of payment in full.