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September 11, 2011 CHOSEN

CHOSEN is an inspirational film about 25 year-old homeless boxer Julian, whose life takes an unexpected turn when he is suddenly left to take care of an orphan child. A former orphan himself, Julian becomes determined to give this child the life he never had. To view the trailer and find out more about the film, visit: http://chosenthefilm.com/

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AntSleeping CHOSEN

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AntResting CHOSENCHOSEN the film Selects 5205 2 CHOSEN


Esias Pair11 CHOSENCHOSEN the film Selects 5283 2 CHOSEN

AnthonyEsias1 CHOSEN


AntGettingReady CHOSEN

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Boxing CHOSENCHOSEN the film Selects 5739 black CHOSEN

AntvsJustin CHOSEN

AntEsias2 CHOSEN


AntPraying CHOSEN

CHOSEN the film Selects 5988 2 CHOSEN

Anthony Gun1 CHOSEN

CHOSEN the film Selects 6104 2 CHOSEN

AnthonyGun2 CHOSEN

AntEsias4 CHOSEN

CHOSEN the film Selects 5466 2 CHOSEN