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Meet Kale’a, a cute little girl who lives with her loving mommies, Lucinda and Laura, in Sierra Madre, California. She may be tiny in size, but she’s got an explosive and dynamic personality. On the day of her portrait session, she was getting over a bug, so she was not in the best of moods. However, we managed to get a few smiles out of her. Fruit snacks and popsicles did the trick.

Kalea 52 Portraits of Kalea

Pair 2 Portraits of Kalea

Kalea 76 Portraits of Kalea

Kalea 127BW Portraits of Kalea

Pair 4 Portraits of Kalea

Kalea 75BW Portraits of Kalea

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September 11, 2011 CHOSEN

CHOSEN is an inspirational film about 25 year-old homeless boxer Julian, whose life takes an unexpected turn when he is suddenly left to take care of an orphan child. A former orphan himself, Julian becomes determined to give this child the life he never had. To view the trailer and find out more about the film, visit: http://chosenthefilm.com/

CHOSEN the film 4803 CHOSEN

CHOSEN the film Selects 5228 2 CHOSEN

AntSleeping CHOSEN

CHOSEN the film 4710 CHOSEN


AntResting CHOSENCHOSEN the film Selects 5205 2 CHOSEN


Esias Pair11 CHOSENCHOSEN the film Selects 5283 2 CHOSEN

AnthonyEsias1 CHOSEN


AntGettingReady CHOSEN

CHOSEN the film 5026 2 CHOSEN

Boxing CHOSENCHOSEN the film Selects 5739 black CHOSEN

AntvsJustin CHOSEN

AntEsias2 CHOSEN


AntPraying CHOSEN

CHOSEN the film Selects 5988 2 CHOSEN

Anthony Gun1 CHOSEN

CHOSEN the film Selects 6104 2 CHOSEN

AnthonyGun2 CHOSEN

AntEsias4 CHOSEN

CHOSEN the film Selects 5466 2 CHOSEN