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My Approach

My philosophy is that there is light in every being, and it is my responsibility to find it and capture it. At the core of every being is love; I want that to shine through in your images. I'm very drawn to authentic moments and true emotions.


At weddings, my goal is to tell your story, taking more of a photojournalistic approach to the entire occasion. I am drawn to couples who are truly in love and want their story told by exposing their authentic emotions. I love when couples are silly and playful together. It’s important to enjoy yourselves and let go of your worries, as difficult as that may be. Your wedding day is not just any day. It is your day. It is one day that will fly by in the blink of an eye (seriously though!) It is my responsibility to encapsulate all those special moments in order to create long lasting memories for you and your family for years to come.

During individual portrait sessions, I strive to capture the true essence of whoever is in front of me. You will have the option to shoot indoors and/or outdoors. I like to have fun on the job and make my clients feel comfortable and at ease! Music is often involved, and I encourage my clients to be their authentic selves in front of the camera, to relax, let go, and enjoy their experience. I will offer direction as well as needed.

My approach to family portrait sessions is very similar to individual portraits. I will offer direction and suggestions, but ultimately my goal is to create authentic moments of your interactions together. Those are always the most special and the most cherished.

My Story

Here is how I came to be a photographer...

Before photography, I dedicated the majority of my life to soccer. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, then went on to play collegiate soccer at Colgate University in upstate New York, as the first female scholarship athlete. After four of the best years of my athletic career came to an end, I was left with a significant void. I decided to do a bit of international travel and had a camera on me at all times to document my ventures. As fate would have it, I ended up moving out to Los Angeles and began working for Justine Ungaro, a dynamite photographer whose work I truly admire. I continued to take pictures, and found that doing so gave me that same spark that soccer had always given me. I purchased my first SLR camera and decided to make a career out of it. Although I believe that experience is the best teacher, I also took several photo courses at the Los Angeles Center of Photography.

Every day I am grateful to be able to do what I love professionally. I am dedicated to my craft and to the satisfaction of my clients. It is my goal to ensure your experience in front of the camera is nothing short of amazing, and that your photos make you nostalgic for years to come.

FIP Contact - square

Frances Iacuzzi

Owner, Lead Photographer



Working out
Movies that keep me on the edge of my seat
Doing the "worm"
My family
Tropical weather
Destination weddings
The Office and Parks and Rec
Margherita Pizza
Hand-written vows
Couples who are truly in love and not afraid to show it
Emotional grooms
Animals, especially monkeys
My two tabby cats, George and Chef
Disneyland when it's not too crowded
Outdoor ceremonies in even shade
Good lighting
Little kids dancing at receptions
Italian food and the language
The ocean
Uncontrollable laughter
Super soft clothes
Epsom salt baths
Finding an amazing song and listening to it on repeat until i can't stand it anymore



Bossy people
Strong smelling cologne + old lady perfume
Splotchy shaded lighting
Ceremonies in harsh direct sunlight
Uninvolved grooms
Dark indoor ceremonies
Raw onions
Being cold
Gigantic wedding parties
iPhones during a wedding
Clients who don't trust me
That one relative who thinks he's the hired photographer at every wedding
Long political debates
Large crowds


Next Steps...

For all questions and inquiries, please refer to the contact form, or feel free to drop me a line directly at info@francesiacuzzi.com. I look forward to hearing from you!