Brandon + Rachelle: Engaged in Los Angeles

Location: Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area

Brandon & Rachelle_01 Brandon & Rachelle_02 Brandon & Rachelle_03 Brandon & Rachelle_04 Brandon & Rachelle_05 Brandon & Rachelle_06 Brandon & Rachelle_07 Brandon & Rachelle_08 Brandon & Rachelle_09 Brandon & Rachelle_10 Brandon & Rachelle_11 Brandon & Rachelle_12 Brandon & Rachelle_13 Brandon & Rachelle_14 Brandon & Rachelle_15 Brandon & Rachelle_16 Brandon & Rachelle_17 Brandon & Rachelle_18 Brandon & Rachelle_19 Brandon & Rachelle_20 Brandon & Rachelle_21 Brandon & Rachelle_22 Brandon & Rachelle_23 Brandon & Rachelle_24 Brandon & Rachelle_25 Brandon & Rachelle_26 Brandon & Rachelle_27

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  • claudia sanchez

    Rachelle and Brandon I am speechless, proud, overwhelmed with Motherly emotions, these photos could be a way to make money commercially, I am kidding They are beautiful As much as we all love Nucky good he was not there Dad asked why photographer did not swing by your apt to get a Nucky photo to put in at end You both look amazing and in love as it should be. Love Mom


  • Maria Sanchez

    Wonderful happy news

    Please add Anne Simi Nakon and Tres Simi to tour website


    Tres Simi tressimi@learn4life.orgReplyCancel

  • Claudia Sanchez

    I am speechless and over whelmed with emotion as only any mother would be seeing these pictures. They do portray how I see both of you in love and devoted to each other. That is the best I could wish for both of you Love MomReplyCancel

  • Bianca Proctor

    Wow very beautiful photos. I can definitely see and feel the love this couple has for each other. Love it. Nice job Iacuzzi! I think I might just book you I one day! HahaReplyCancel

  • Buddy & Karen Douglass

    Great pictures. Congratulations and best wishes.ReplyCancel

  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pictures! Absolutely beautiful! Such a memorable time!ReplyCancel

  • They are so happy! I hope that their joy will never be left in life. I like that the photos are so gentleReplyCancel